Single Hard Cover with Open Book Psd Mockup

Uncontacted – Hidden In The Forest is a textbook, produced as the final project of my Master of Arts, that has been created in order to teach students within the age of 14-18 across the UK more about uncontacted tribes living around the world. The textbook is supported by an app, which will make interactive learning possible for the student and provides new learning methods. The textbook can be used in the subjects history, biology or geography, depending on the topics that the classes are concentrated on.


To make it easy for everyone to understand this topic, even if they do not have any already existing knowledge, the textbook starts with some basic facts about uncontacted tribes and then as it continues goes more into depth within specific topics such as the history, threats or organisations. Within the book, there can be found information about five tribes, while in the app, the students can find more about all uncontacted tribes.

The used colours are all inspired by the colours of nature. Different illustrations are used within the textbook, in order to make it easier for the students to get a feeling of the (rain)forests, in which the tribes live. Therefore, the illustrations are held in a more realistic style. Furthermore, I have created maps, where relevant, to show a geographical connection. Those are held rather simple, to make sure they can be easily understood.

Furthermore, texts are supported by microworlds, pictures that are edited in order to create a small 3-dimensional world. The microworlds add to the realistic understanding for the reader and show better in what surrounding the tribes live, especially with the different height-measures and tree types. Therefore, it also creates a better understanding for the students of how different the surroundings of the uncontacted tribes are, in contrast to their own.


The app works in combination with the book, and only through that, the experience is complete. As it is not a typical app, that can be used as a distraction from life, but rather to teach something, I rather wanted to structure it differently, than most known apps and give it a booklike feeling. 

Furthermore, with the app, I wanted to support the different learning types of students. While some students learn best through reading texts, others can memorize things better through listening or visualisation. As it is not possible to combine all of these in a textbook, I did this within the app and give students the option to choose what they want to use.