The Jungle Book 2

The task was to layout a movie poster for a new arrangement of a classical movie (published before 1975) and bring in a picture of ourselves as the main character. I chose The Jungle Book because it was one of my favorite movies in my childhood. I decided to draw the poster, instead of having a composing of pictures, because I wanted to keep it in the Disney-Style.

Moodboard and target group


To get a better impression of what my movie poster should look like I collected some pictures of the old Jungle Book movie. Through this I tried to get inspiration about the style and the colors that I should use.

The target group of the movie, and therefore my illustrated poster, are young adults between 25 and 35 years. It is important that they already have children, because the movie is supposed to be a children movie which can be also enjoyed by adults. They need to have an average or above average income, to be able to pay for a cinema visit with the whole family. Furthermore, you can also add grandparents to the target group, that like to make excursions with their grandsons.

Final movie poster

Mock Up

This project was created in February 2018.