As for our final project in summer 2019 we were supposed to develop a corporate design, a leporello and three different posters for the company „Persomedica“. Persomedica is a company that sells little chips, which are implanted in your hand, tracking your health condition.

Even if the task told us a little bit about the company we were free in choosing what exactly the chips are tracking. Therefor, I decided to create a company that mainly focuses on mental health. It is supposed to recognize depression and burn out at an early stage and prevent loneliness.

All designs I have developed are supposed to transfer a nice and soft environment for the client and especially make them feel like they are a part of something and that they are not alone.

In the following text I will give you more details about my developing process.

Target Group

The target group includes people between 30 and 40 years. They are most likely to suffer from depression and feel their feelings very strong but also often reflect them. The target group is open about new technology and do not shy away from having a chip implanted. The income is not a criteria for the target group since the chip is supposed to be paid by health insurance.


The design of Persomedica is supposed to transfer a light and soft feeling while looking at it. This should make the customer feel welcomed and warm. Furthermore, customers should feel like they are a part of something and not let down on their own, since the target group is likely to suffer from depression and feel alone easily.

The colors I wanted to use for the corporate design are also light colors, mainly in a range of different light blue tones, as can be seen on my mood board. They are supposed to show a way of an easier lifestyle that does not look too heavy as darker colors would. In addition to that, the shapes I wanted to use for the design are also more round and not edgy to, again, create a soft and light look.

Logo Developement

My main idea I started with was to show the „Vitruvian Man“ of Leonardo Da Vinci in an abstract way, because it is something I really connect with my own health and the well being of my body. Since the design is really close to the original artwork of Da Vinci I tried to experiment a little more and used the swirl tool of Illustrator to create some new interesting shapes which lead me to my second logo. Here my main focus was on the shape that reminded me of a flower that is protected by the round line around it. Furthermore, the shape that looks like a rain drop stands for each individual of which Persomedica is taking care of.

My third design is a wave that can be found in my second logo at the left bottom corner rotated by 90 degrees. The wave consists out of different lines that all meet at the top of the wave and are circled by a light blue line, which is fading out at the end, to show the protection again. This is the design that I continued to develop until I found my final design. It still includes the wave but in a smoother shape. It is still circled by the light blue line but with the same width at all parts. Also, the line is open at the right side where a part of the wave is coming out to give it a feeling of freedom. In the middle of the circle I placed a orange dot, which is supposed to show the individual human being surrounded by others. Also it is centered because it is all about that unique human/ the customer. Furthermore, the dot can be seen as a rising sun over the horizon after a hard time. The wave protects the dot and both together can also be seen as an interpretation of the Yin and Yang symbol.

To the final logo I added the company’s name. It is a mixture of a static font and a font that fits the style of the wave. The „Perso“ is in a light gray and I decided for this font because it gives a more serious impression, which is important since it is a health product. The „medica“ represents the easy lifestyle and seems like it is floating out of the wave.

Corporate Design

The fonts I chose for my corporate designs are the same fonts as used in the logo. The static font is „Gadugi“. It is always in light gray and is used for text. Wether there is something to highlight or not you use „Regular“ or „Bold“. If you have a word that you want to highlight even more it is also possible to use the second font, which is also used in the logo, „Brush Script Std“. This is also the font which is used for headlines in the dark blue of the wave.

The main main color of the logo is blue, in three different color gradations to have more dynamic in the shape of the wave. The circle around the wave is the dark blue used within the wave but with a opacity of 60%. I chose this to reduce amount of used pantone colors. The font is in the same light blue as in the wave so it looks like it floats out of it.

The orange forms a complementary contrast with blue colors as well as a warm-cold contrast. This leads the observer to see a stronger relation between the dot and the wave. Furthermore, the 
Auch durch das Grau wird die Ausgewo-genheit innerhalb des Logos deutlich, da es sich zwischen den beiden „Extremen“ schwarz und weiß be ndet. Hierdurch wirkt auch die Hausschrift deutlich sanfter, als eine herkömm- liche in Schwarz, was an meine Zielgruppe angepasst ist.

When the logo is placed next to other objects it should always have the space of the „P“ around it which equals 25% for the top and bottom and 13,3% on the left and right.

If needed the the logo can also be displayed in black in white as shown.


I wanted to create the leporello mainly with different circle designs and little text to have a free and a not overwhelming design. This is why you can only see the circle with the wave without the „Persomedica“ font on the front page. The other illustrations are fitting to the text that is placed near to them. Furthermore, the text boxes are placed next to each other on an imagine wavy line. On the last page of the leporello the reader can find a QR code that leads to the homepage of Persomedica, as well as a link and the Instagram and Twitter account.


The main idea behind my posters is to again show the observer the feeling of freedom and a special feeling which can be an unforgettable memory for a person. All posters are in a dreamy color palate (dark lilac and blue tones) with a contrast of the orange that is also used within the logo. Persomedica want to transfer this feeling of a dreamy world to its‘ customers that may feel like they can never be happy again. Furthermore, the body poses on the different posters are going upwards in a positive direction. 

All posters have their slogan in one of the bottom corners. The most important word is always highlighted with the „Brush Script Std“. The logo is placed at the bottom right corner, because that way it cannot be overseen by the observer because it is placed at the end of the natural reading direction.

This project was created in May 2019.