Illustrated Movie Scene


In the beginning, I decided what kind of character I want to display in the movie scene. I developed my character Gismo. He is meerkat living in a zoo, where strange things happen from time to time. He likes to call himself a detective and even though he often acts clumsy, he still solves a lot of different cases.


In the designing process I also worked on a logo for the movie. It portraits a meerkat’s paw and includes Gimso’s name in the claws. The magnifying glass enlarges the movie title „Ganoven aufgepasst!“ (Engl.“Watch out, crooks!“). The magnifying glass already gives a clue about Gismo being a detective.

Since Gismo is a detective, I wanted to show him while he is following thieves that trying to steal penguins in the zoo. Here you can see an early stage of my finished drawing.

Final Illustration

This project was created in January 2018.